Brabantbos has 10 ground-floor spaces with a fresh snazzy atmosphere and colour, all of them equipped with solid furniture.
* recreation room (with visual and sound equipment, 3 mobile table-football tables, 2 mobile table-tennis tables and if desired, a mobile tap- and cooling buffet)
* kitchen (fully equipped)
* dining room (with sound equipment)
* staff room (with visual and sound equipment)
* 4 dormitories (with bunk beds and washable mattresses). You bring your own mattress cover, sleeping bag and pillow. If desired, you can rent a sleeping set (eiderdown, pillow and bedclothes) which costs € 10.
* 2 sanitary facilities (with in total 10 washbasins, 4 shower cubicles, 5 toilets and 4 urinals). If needed an extra shower trolley (4 or 6 cubicles) or shower container (6 or 12 cubicles) can be provided.
* storage room (with synthetic terrace chairs, bar tables, buffet tables, extra refrigerator, mobile barbecue and reeled garden hose)