Strabrechtse Heide
Gorgeous unspoilt moor land with drift sand and pools. Magnificent to take a walk or cycling.

For mountain bike rent and all outdoor sports activities.

Outdoor swimming pool De Diepsteeckel
Surveyable municipal swimming pool with playing field.

Indoor swimmming pool Het Prinsenmeer
Dome-shaped recreational indoor pool near camping.

Subtropical swim paradise De Tongelreep
Spectacular swim and play possibilities.

The Outdoor Planet
A world full of action and adventure.

Play park for the little ones.

Heesbeen Verhuur
For inflatable mega games and games for hire.

Beiaard- en Natuurmuseum
Extensive tour on the region's flora and fauna and what it had and has to offer to the locals. Also explanation of all technical and practical details on ringing bells.

Bezoekerscentrum Mijl op Zeven, de Grote Peel
Educational explanation on the origin and exploitation of moor land.

For Challenge games, canoe letting and Treasure Hunt.

Museum for flight simulation
For a precise explanation and practical experience of flying.